Did you know that...

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the B.C. Provincial government LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT states
that as an 'elector' you are not required to use all of your votes?

How to vote by ballot
129 (1) After receiving a ballot, an elector must
      (a) proceed without delay to a voting compartment provided,
      (b) while the ballot is screened from observation, mark it by making a cross in the blank space opposite the name of the candidate or candidates for whom the elector wishes to vote,
      (c) fold the ballot to conceal all marks made on it by the elector,
      (d) leave the voting compartment without delay,
      (e) deposit the ballot in the appropriate sealed ballot box, and
      (f) leave the voting place without delay.
  (2) An election official may and, if requested by the elector, must explain to an elector the proper method for voting by ballot.