canada 150 sport lights"I am very happy that kids can now play their sports well after dusk." said Rusty at the ceremony on April 21, 2018." the lights offer the kids more time to play, and practice minor baseball, football and soccer West Kelowna. The lights not only provide improved safety and security, but also provide several more hours of practice and game time in the spring and late fall.

"We are very pleased to have the $337,750 contribution from the federal governments Canada 150 program towards the $1 million costs of installing sports field lighting at both Lower Boucherie and Rosewood Sports Fields." The Canada 150 funding is in recognition of Canada’s 150th Anniversary whereby the Government of Canada has invested in projects to improve existing community parks and facilities across the nation. 

The Lower Boucherie Ball Field is the home field of West Kelowna Minor Baseball Diamondbacks. The field is greater West Kelowna’s premier baseball, fastball, softball and slo-pitch facility. Rosewood Sports Field is a key game, practice and tournament facility for Westside Youth Soccer and a key practice facility for Westside Minor Football.

In celebration of Canada’s 150 Anniversary, the Government granted money to help improve existing community parks and facilities across Canada. The city applied and received $337,750 contribution. The money will be used to help offset the $1 million cost for lighting at both Rosewood Sport and Lower Boucherie sport fields.

"If it were not for the federal funding we could have been waiting much longer to come up with the funding necessary for the lighting." 

The project was complete November 2017.

Now, let's play ball!"

Rusty Ensign